Friday, June 13, 2008

Thursday, June 12

My Third and Fourth Day of School

Wednesday is the first day at school that I’d say went “well.” For the first time, I never scrambled for extra materials, I was on time to every class, and most of the students understood me most of the time. I’ve also started using the head-slither during my lessons. I still don’t like the idea behind it (the indecisive “i-don’t-know-I’ll-try”) but I don’t think that I can break them of it. It’s very difficult to understand who understands what. I will ask, “Do you understand?” And all I’ll ever get back is a head slither. This can be either a modest “yes” or a “no-not-really-but I’ll try.” This modesty/lack of confidence comes across in other ways too. One of the students asked me, “what sports are you good at.” Later I asked the class “who is good at cricket?” (or a number of other sports) and no one would confess to being good at anything. Now that I’m on to the upper level classes, communication is less hampered by general rowdiness. And that’s nice. I still have the kindergartners every day, and they’re a handful. Wednesday was mostly coloring and today was mostly singing and this made things easier. The teacher chose these activities. I think she did so because she could tell I was somewhat overwhelmed. I’ve noticed that, thought the younger kids are extremely shy about speaking individually; they make up for it in there singing. The singing is very animated and very VERY loud. Dalton

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