Thursday, June 12, 2008

Monday, June 9

Day 2 as a team, Day 1 as teachers

5:45am – birds sing, hounds bark, people shout, horns honk…

8:00am – food and chat, planning for the day and planning for drop-offs, followed by drop-offs, followed by the driving and waiting before finally arriving at…

10:00 – The morning placement, assignment number 1. For me, chatting with the novices in a great hall with a stage flanked on the one side by a courtyard with a dozen brightly-coloured, caged birds and on the other by a treed and shaded square with a well. The novices are shy at first, but warm up once given some guidelines along which they can speak.

12:30 and beyond: back to the house for lunch and de-briefing, followed by assignment #2 in a small school. And that is followed by walking back to the house and watching the movements of the neighbourhood as we do.

Evening: back to the children’s home, no group performances this time, instead they are split into groups according to age. My group is off in a separate space working and playing with the laptop. After an hour with those children we return to eat and chat and decompress and pass out for the night.

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Global Volunteers Staff said...

Good luck to all of you! We can't wait to read all your postings and hear about what a great time you're having! Shirliana Glassberg, Global Volunteers Webmaster