Monday, April 27, 2009

Before the Dormitories being contructed

Stage 1 of the Dormitories completed on the ground floor

The academic year is starting in June 2009 and all our hosts are looking forward to the volunteers whose contribution to our local projects has been simply outstanding. The bright smiling faces of the children who long for your love are eager to welcome you, spend time with you, learn from you, play with you or simply be around you. They always ask me when the volunteers are coming, how many of them are coming, how long are they going to stay with us …….. And so on. They are very thrilled and happy if it is a big group since all the children get to work with the volunteers.

With the few laptops we have, we have started teaching basic computer skills to the children and also to our hosts. And these computer classes are turning out to be a big hit among our children who in their past have never touched a computer. And we need to keep this momentum going.

As many of you know we have completed the construction of the dormitories (stage 1) on the ground floor at SEAM children’s home and we will be starting the construction of 3 more rooms on the first floor from this academic year onwards. This is possible only if more volunteers sign up for construction. So that together we can fulfill the dream of the children to have better facilities to live in.

Along with the children looking forward to see you in India again soon.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chennai Sangamam

Chennai Sangamam

The only Festival of India that belongs to people of all religions, as well as to the non-believers. The harvest fest of Tamil antiquity - The Pongal re-discovering itself as urban thanksgiving. It's Chennai Sangamam. More than 2000 performers will ignite the spirit of Chennai for seven days with around 4000 performances. All in parks, streets and beaches. Held in the month of January 10-16 every year. Welcome to the longest and biggest Open Festival of India,