Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Friday, June 20

My final day in country – the novices wish me a series of well wishes and prayers for my journey and also ask me to send along copies of some photos. I am also presented with a lovely bit of fabric. All that, and we still managed to finish a lengthy lesson full of public speaking and writing!

In the afternoon at Grace School, the kids put the finishing touches on their autobiographies and we’re treated to a series of emotional good-byes. The principal presents us with a lovely thank-you letter.

At SEAM we have a half productive class session, followed by a touching talent show of sorts – lots of kids singing as a group and ending with several soloists. Finally we’re presented with cards, and bid farewell to each of the kids.

And then we head back to the house, to eat, write this journal entry and to frantically pack – and it’s not just me and JP - Lucy and Dalton are packing for an 11-hour train trip that will take them off to be trampled by elephants (or maybe just to go on safari).

But wait! The day’s not over yet! Stephen arrives with Ice Cream! There is much singing and rejoicing in response!

And thus ends the 2 week program.


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