Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monday June 2

There was quite a bit of confusion leading up to today as to whether or not the older kids had school or not we found out once we got to Assisi that they did, so sara and I spent our time playing with sophie, john, george and jasmine. They were all very rambunctious, and we were kept on our toes. I was lucky enough to learn how to make an Indian dish called vada, which is grated bottle gourd fried with lentils and other tasty ingredients. There weren’t many organized activities we could do with the kids today because they are so young.

We were pretty tired when we got back to the guest house, but after a quick rest we were ready to go see the kids at Seam Children’s Home. There were about ten of them there, and more were scheduled to arrive tomorrow. We knew in advance that they were going to be a little older, so we brought the masks we had prepared yesterday. They were quite a hit and they all drew very colorful designs with the markers Sarah brought. Unfortunately we ran out of ribbon to tie them onto their heads, so we’re going to bring more tomorrow. As we are expecting more of them as well, we are planning on cutting up more masks for the new kids tonight.


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