Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spotlight on Country Manager Stephen

Summer is upon on us and our program in India is an excellent service opportunity for those looking for a summer adventure! You offer the "extra" attention many children crave and deserve, while also experiencing life in the spiritual land of India - with its diverse languages, culture, and lifestyles. Despite this awesome opportunity, many prospective volunteers worry about the intense experience offered in Chennai.

Our solution is our most talented and knowledgeable Country Manager Stephen who ensure a safe, meaningful and enriching experience for all Global Volunteers. Please read below and enjoy volunteer evaluations from a Summer 2010 volunteer team. Stephen is a true gem and invaluable member of the Global Volunteers team!

"Stephen is amazing! Extremely organized and kept us prepared for everything. He truly cares about his teams!"

"He is the most loving, caring, gentle, fun, interesting, intelligent, cultured man over all of India. You cannot find a better man for this job for his heart participates as much as his body and mind."

"Stephen seems to be an encyclopedia of knowledge on Indian culture and one of the most welcoming and kind people I have met."

"Helpful, funny, kind. Smart."

"Stephen was an excellent team leader. He was very patient, helpful, and always provided necessary direction."

"I couldn’t have asked for a better team leader than Stephen. He is fluent in English. He also shared a vast amount of knowledge about Indian culture and Hindu beliefs. He is a very caring person who is calm and stays in control in all situations."

Join us in India this summer and experience this fabulous service program for yourself!