Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunday, June 15

It is day eight as I wake up in Pondicherry or is it Puducherry. It is funny how the government here changes the names of its cities at will. Jen and I have breakfast on an elevated platform in the centre of the court yard of our French Colonial hotel. The breakfast is five courses long and our miscommunication with the non English speaking waiter results in Dosa instead of eggs. We get a knock on the door and it is time to leave. I am not sure I want to leave Pondicherry.

We head to a weird Utopia place called Auroville. This is a international community like project started sometime in the sixties where people donated their land to live and work in this community. They make us watch a five minute introductory video before granting us access to the property. Dalton seems eager to join.

After this we head to Mamallapurham where we view several stone carvings. The heat is blistering and none of us are feeling well. We get to practice our negotiating skills as Dalton purchases a Budda Head and I purchase a marble elephant.

We drive back to the guesthouse. The power is out when we return so I shower by candlelight. We head up for dinner. I do not mind it being vegetarian today as we ate all the meat we could on the weekend.

“The buildings in the USA are standing up while the buildings in India are sleeping.”


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