Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thursday, June 19

I woke up early again to make some worksheets for grades 1-3. Jenny is feeling sick and we make her sit at the end of the table to avoid getting infected. I ended up teaching only grade one and two this morning. After lunch the grade 4s made me read from their new English textbook so I obliged even though I had a worksheet planned. For grade five we worked through a worksheet on proper sentence structure and the use of a versus an. Everyone got the a versus an wrong except one student. They begged for a second chance and I happened to have duplicates, so I handed new copies out. This time everyone got most of the questions right, however no except one aside from the girl who got perfect the first time around, put their name on the paper! They then begged for a third chance. What nerve.

After a break we head to SEAMs where we continue doing APs and GPs. Rajesh and the girls seem to understand the material but I am not sure about Suresh.

We head to dinner afterwards in a fancy air conditioned car. I seemed to get the front seat all the time for having sponsored the vehicle. It was a nice ride. Dinner was at the Green Park hotel restaurant called Tulip which featured South Indian cuisine. It offered a spicy selection and many desserts including Gulab jaman. We have a pleasant conversation and we witnessed Stephen tell Lucy and Dalton that their weekend in the jungle (where elephants and giant bugs could attack) is at their own risk.

We headed back and yet another power failure ensued. Jenny and I fill out our questionnaire by flashlight.

“…A full understanding of the elephant (or India) comes with the perception of the whole beast as the unity of its disparate elements.” (From the Elephant Story, Culture Shock, Page 2).


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