Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sunday June 1

Today was a day off for Chantal and I. We decided to take advantage of the free time to come up with a craft for the children to do this week. We have a cabinet of supplies in the guest house and decided to take a look through it. We were lucky to find some paper, scissors, pretty ribbon and a hole punch. We decided to make face masks that the children would be able to decorate themselves. We figured it best to cut out the masks and punch the eye holes beforehand, so we spent the afternoon watching Seinfeld re-runs on my laptop and making tons of little face masks. There is some confusion here over when school is meant to start. Hopefully we will still have some older children at Assisi who can enjoy our craft.

Stephen and Sheeba also moved in with us at the guest house today so the four of us went out to the restaurant at Grand Residence down the street. It is nice to have been here long enough to be able to say that we have a favorite booth at that place! Dinner was delicious as always. Tonight, Chennai was also playing Rajasthan in the cricket finals. Unfortunately, Chennai lost the match. It is funny that after only 3 weeks here I was really hoping for a Super King victory!


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