Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sunday, May 18

There are only 3 of us on this Program, so for sure we will be getting lots of hands-on experience and training. From my ride to the guesthouse from the airport to just walking around the neighborhood, Chennai is going to be a pretty full-on experience.

Since Sara and Chantal are both of like age and from Canada, they will be going to one school together, and I will be going to the other by myself, though Stephen will be there as well to help assimilate me. I hope I don’t get too overwhelmed.

The girls are very enthused about the experience, and certainly based upon their youth, this will be a tremendous learning and possibly eye-opening experience for them, and I expect to get a lot out of the trip as well. Hopefully we will get around Chennai as much as possible as well as the surrounding areas so that we can truly experience what India has to offer.


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