Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Saturday May 24

While in Pondicherry, we took a short ride out of town to Auroville, the sectarian commune started by the former Indian Freedom Fighter Aurobindo. It is a pretty and serene setting, the highlight being Matri mandir, a huge gold golf ball-looking sphere in which the 2000 odd devotees of the commune practice their meditation. As visitors used to overcrowd the ball, the entrance rules have changed, and thus we were only able to view it from afar.

After Auroville, and after lunch @ Pizza Hut, we split off and I went to the Promenade for a couple of frozen cocktails, a hotel on the beach strip which appears to be the safest, cleanest and most western of all places in Pondicherry. Afterwards, the girls went to go find an elephant, and I stayed in the room to watch the Chennai Super Kings play the Rajasthan Royals in India Premier League cricket action. I guess it is due to the when in Rome theory, b/c I have found myself watching, understanding and paying attention to this otherwise seemingly boring to tears game. For dinner, still solo, I went to the roof deck of the Promenade, which had a lovely view of the now crowded beach strip and tasty food to match.


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