Saturday, February 16, 2008

Monday, February 11, 2008

Rosanna Garrish

After an awesome weekend away to the forest with Stephen, our team leader, and India tour guide extraordinaire, I arrived back in Chennai early today by train. It was so wonderful to be in the mountainous forest with fresh air, cooler temperatures, less humans, but most especially being one with nature. We really enjoyed our long walkabouts in the bush; our guide sighted various wild animals living in their natural environment, as well as non-living ones that had contributed to the circle of life! It was an experience I will always treasure.

Overnight train trips are certainly the way to go!!! I slept almost the entire eleven hours there and back. After a quick shower and breakfast I resumed my assignment at Assisi.

It was great to see the kids after a three day break, as I skipped Friday to spend some time at St. Thomas Hospital volunteering. They all seemed happy to see me as well. The weekend was a bit eventful for the children who live at Assisi full-time. Apparently, John sustained burns from scalding hot water he reached up and spilled on a large portion of his right torso yesterday. Ouch! He was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The wound looks pretty bad today but he is carrying on completely unfazed and up to his usual happy mischievous little self.

We went to a dance festival and dinner at Kumarkom in the evening. The cultural style of dance and music was beautifully performed and very entertaining. It started over an hour later than it was supposed to and although we were all becoming a bit antsy, it was well worth the wait. We then made our way to dinner and enjoyed another wonderful Indian Cuisine that included soup, chicken, prawns, noodles, rice, vegetables and lots and lots of spice!!

Quote for the day: As with everything in life, (and life itself), it is a circle-----Anonymous

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