Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday, June 30th - Leslie Parsons

Inspirational quote: Go with the flow.

This morning was my first day teaching at St.Joseph’s school. It was very challenging in the morning because I did not know what to expect and wasn’t quite prepared for what I was in for. I was unsure as to what to teach Grade 1 and UKG. Best to just sing with them, have them draw you pictures of different things like apples, sun and have them spell out each one. So by staying with games, stories and drawing and colouring it was much easier. They are so young so they just want to have fun and sing songs and play.

Grade 6 was totally different and much easier. We played my ‘favorite’ things where they had to write three sentences telling me of their favorite things and then point out the nouns from the sentence to the class. They were all excited and very engaged. I much prefer teaching the older children.
In the evening we went to SEAM and I thought I knew what to expect. they are full of love, eager to learn and give back. At least, they have each other which is important. It was the basic things that we take for granted that they do not have: pen, pencils, shoes, paper, notebooks, a table to eat on, beds to sleep in. They sleep on the concrete floor. Had I known that before I left, I would of brought more educational stuff for them and more necessities as opposed to so many toys. The older boys look after the young kids plus have the chores leaving less time for study. I want to really help them – provide them with an opportunity to have a chance at a career because they are so smart, responsible, driven and eager. In any event, I am looking forward to us bringing all the gifts to them: clothes, toys, games, shoes tomorrow.
The one big thing I thought about to day is, at least the children at St. Jopsh go home to love, at SEAM on the other hand, it is up to them and the volunteers to give and show love because that is all they have.

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