Saturday, August 9, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

We arrived back in Chennai at 7 am having taken an overnight train from Mysore. We knew we were home as the temperature was no longer cool but hot and humid. By days end we agreed we all had experienced another good day at our respective work sites – Ricca at Assisi, Karen at St.Josephs, George at Grace School and myself at SEAMS and St.Josephs. George had an eventful moment in one of his classes when he tried to sit in one of the children’s small chairs and accidently fell off the small chair causing the children first concern and then much laughter. I had the joy of accompanying Rebecca from SEAMS to buy an outfit at the dress shop It was fun for her especially because she got to see her best friend who works at the shop. Stephen videotaped my and Karen’s afternoon teaching sessions at St. Josephs. My novices were practicing English tongue twisters so it made for an entertaining movie in which they were attempting to perfect Betty’s Bitter Butter! During our evening dinner we agreed that it was good to be back after a wonderful weekend once again working with the children.

Love is a fruit in season and all times and within the reach of everyone. Mother Teresa

Kathy Dedrick

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