Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Larry Bartz

With three of our volunteers voted off the island the remaining six survivors struggle on. Breakfast for example was rather subdued until Rae set her trap. She first complimented Margery and Larry on how nicely they speak to each other in spite of being married for 37 years. Then she asked if they ever disagree. Margery grabbed the bait and the trap was sprung. Larry felt a cold dagger pierce his chest and twist as Margery expounded on some of his imaginary shortcomings. Larry has learned over time to deny everything and demand proof.

Ann’s day was quite interesting as one of her children (Little George) covered her in vomit from shoulder to toe. Being a positive person, she sighed and replied, “better vomit than urine.” Peter spent his day painting at the orphanage which was a better alternative to sanding and scraping. Poor Helen on the other hand, sanded and sanded and sanded until she was outside her comfort zone. Chatting and chatting and chatting continuously with fellow workers didn’t help. Perhaps it was the thought of giving up her cigarettes that pushed her over the edge. Sheeba was her usual gracious self. Steven the 2nd helped Larry and Margery plan out the rest of their trip to Northern India. Thank you Steven!

At 17:15 the survivors trooped over to the orphanage armed with books, Larry’s rope trick and 20 feet of extra rope to play tug-of-war. Tomorrow the new volunteers from Minnesota will join us and we will gladly throw them to the orphans like fresh meat to a starving lion. The day ended with a wonderful Indian dinner at the Green Pot Hotel. Sheeba served as our hostess with charm and dignity.

Thought for the Day:

Success is the maximum utilization of the ability you were given.

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