Wednesday, November 7, 2007

“Love the truth and be true to Love”

We start the day with another delicious breakfast! The Americans enjoy 2 cups of coffee I can tell they are excited and relieved to have more coffee! Everyday it seems is getting easier our group is very humors, positive and friendly.

George and I go to ASSIS and we are greeted by the beautiful children saying Aunty and Uncle Hello it really does touch your heart. We go upstairs and 13 little people follow they are so clever they get chairs out and sit around a circle. I start with numbers 1-10 with most children counting to 10. I hear George talking softly and saying “children, children now children” it brings a smile to my face. A smile bigger then the one that I started the day with. The children have the longest eyelashes and the most amazing smiles the light up a room. We then venture down stairs with all the other children and Sister Rose has a stereo with western music and Indian music, we all start dancing to the “chicken dance” and George dances with Sister Rose it really was fun! Sister Rose danced to a beautiful Indian song and everyone smiled it truly was beautiful. She has the grace and charisma of a kollywood star!

I joined George and Jane for a 45 minute trip to inner Chennai for them to change there airline tickets. It took 1 hour to get there and both George and Jane are very happy as they have changed airline tickets.

This next section is very emotional for me and I am sure George will agree. We meet with Doctor Sister Rexline it feels surreal to be in her presence. Sister Angus gives of the Villages. Sister Angus is very calming, friendly and knowledgeable. The first place we visit is a hut where a Mother and Son live. The mother had a fall into a well and is paralyzed and is confined to her bed in this tiny straw roof hut. She also has a smile that lights up the room. She tutors children from the village she shows a copy of the student records and for the month of November 2007 there is already 10 students recorded. She also shows us photos of a Christmas party she has organized. Both George and I receive a gift from her she has handmade a woolen brooch in the shape of a rose. I had to look away as I had tears in my eyes. It will be treasured for life. Next we meet a driver and we arrive at another village and meet Sister Nita who is treating patients from the village. George and I agree it is like a community centre. Many locals visit the clinic to receive pain relief for tooth aches, back pain. While we are sitting in the clinic children gather at the door smiling and running away and then coming back. I went out and said hi and then more children come so friendly and touching. We then drive to another village and visit another community centre run by an anesthetist that doesn’t have any patients; we then visit the library run by St Thomas it is filled with many books, biology, religious and sport. It is Dewela festival with fire crackers going off everywhere we watch children lighting fire crackers in the streets, laughing and sharing them with family and friends.

We are driven back to St Thomas and Doctor Sister Rexline greets us and explains that she has been supporting the lady in the hut for 11 years and she has put money away for her and her son if anything happens to herself. I am speechless and feel so honored to have meet Doctor Sister Rexline and her staff.

It truly has been an evening I will treasure for a lifetime.

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